Having Fun and Keeping VERY busy

B and I are working on new sewing projects. I spent a while designing before I started cutting and sewing.

We also got a cool Mail Order Mystery in the mail.  I had a lot of fun finding clues and decoding the cipher to get our next clue. We will get a letter a week in the mail to solve our mystery.

B and I baked cupcakes for archery for Valentine’s Day. I made cinnamon and B made red velvet.

More singing lessons.

Light saber battles at the mall.

and SCIENCE! I keep asking when I can start taking science classes like Breighton! I have been getting the Steve Spangler science kits now and love doing all of the experiments. Today I had a zillion experiments going on at once.

We had to stop everything when I saw that one of the monarch butterflies was about to hatch. So we sat out side for a while and watched it emerge!

I relocated all the science to the porch so the cats would leave it alone.

My favorite so far is this giant water absorbing crystal. It was the size of a pea when I started the experiment!!



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