Having Fun Before Mom’s Surgery

B and I have been working on a Mail Order Mystery. We have to crack codes and cyphers. I am really having a lot of fun figuring it all out. 

We enjoyed a morning at the Eco Fest at the city solid waste center. We saw lots of cool trucks and learned a lot about what services are offered in our community.

We hopped on the bus and toured the facility again. I really like going in and seeing where they move the trash with the HUGE crane!

This was some weird truck that could dance and balance on one wheel. It was for digging hard to reach spots. It was really neat how it was about to move.

We learned abut CPR and got to practice on these dummies. I want to take a class when I am bigger.


4-H State Recurve Match in Newberry

I wanted to shoot in the state recurve match. We enjoyed the cool weather and the small group at the tournament. It gave me a god idea of how the big match will operate in March. B used Mom’s bow and had fun playing around. 

I shot pretty well and know that I will keep improving!

I did manage to get 2nd place but only because there was only one other kid in my division. Most of the kids were in the next class up. It was still a lot of fun.



Spring Room Purge

I couldn’t find a coloring book I had been using so I begged Mom to help me find it. She came in my room and sat in the middle of the room and folder her arms and refused to help. My room was a MESS!

5 garbage bags later and Mom’s magic and my room looks amazing! I can find all my toys. My clothing fits on the shelfs and hangers. I willingly parter with my packing peanut collection, my collection of different colored dryer lint and my gum wrapper collection. Mom joked 3 down and 100 more collections to go!

Oh, and she found my coloring book!!!

Classes at Weedon and Brooker Creek

We went to a class and learned about salt ponds and how marine life has to be able to adapt to high changes in salinity and water temperature. 

We collected water samples and took readings of salinity and temperature.

using the cool tool for salinity.

The next day we went with Grandma to Brooker Creek and attended a class on Invasive Plants. We learned about the importance of planting natives and avoiding exotics.

At the extension office in the evening I loved the display of invasive plants and could name them all.

I attended a class for club treasurers for 4-H. I had to talk about my treasurers book and how I keep records. I think I did pretty well.


Having Fun and Keeping VERY busy

B and I are working on new sewing projects. I spent a while designing before I started cutting and sewing.

We also got a cool Mail Order Mystery in the mail.  I had a lot of fun finding clues and decoding the cipher to get our next clue. We will get a letter a week in the mail to solve our mystery.

B and I baked cupcakes for archery for Valentine’s Day. I made cinnamon and B made red velvet.

More singing lessons.

Light saber battles at the mall.

and SCIENCE! I keep asking when I can start taking science classes like Breighton! I have been getting the Steve Spangler science kits now and love doing all of the experiments. Today I had a zillion experiments going on at once.

We had to stop everything when I saw that one of the monarch butterflies was about to hatch. So we sat out side for a while and watched it emerge!

I relocated all the science to the porch so the cats would leave it alone.

My favorite so far is this giant water absorbing crystal. It was the size of a pea when I started the experiment!!