Disney Fort Wilderness Camping

We had an amazing time at the campground. We took a long walk to dinner the first night and saw lots of deer. They were so close to us!


I helped set up the inflatables for the campsite. I love the dogs!


Being silly after dinner at Artist’s Point. We had a lovely site with great neighbors.


On Saturday Mom drove us up to Gainesville for the Forest Ecology Clinic. I really got into it and learned a lot. I think I will do well this year at the contest. I even got to spend time with the main leaders learning to identify some plants.


I was all ears in the map session and quick to spout out answers.


I learned compass skills and then we went outside to test our skills. I was great at finding coordinates.


Back at the campground for some swimming and Pokemon Go before bed.




We loved the Hoop-De-Doo Review show. I thought the music and play were HILARIOUS!



We scootered around a lot and explored on our own while Mom and Dad relaxed. I enjoyed the golf cart parade. We ran into some friends and enjoyed time with them. Mom even went scootering with us several times. I was Kilo Ren again this year for Halloween and this was also the first year B and I went out on our own trick-or-treating. The campground is always my favorite place to go trick or treating when we camp!




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