Petosky, Michigan

We are at our last major stop on our grand voyage. We arrived in Petosky, Michigan just before a really big storm rolled in off of Lake Michigan. The lake went from glass to 6-7foot swells almost instantly.


After the storm we headed to the beach to hunt for Petosky stones that were washed up from the big waves. We had a lot of luck and found several as well as a lot of cool rocks with fossils in them.


I had a lot of fun using the spray bottle to squirt the rocks to make the hexagonal patterns show up. We plan to sand and polish several stones to keep. It is a lot of work. Mom already bought sandpaper for us to start.


Mom found a HUGE one! She has already started to sand her find.



We took our spray bottles down to the beach and looked all over the upper parts of the park. We found  few but the most were in the water and freshly washed onto the beach.




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