Mackinac Island

We headed out near sunrise towards the USA. We only crossed over for a few hours. We took the ferry boat out to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw, silent C?). Some of the ferry boats went super fast. We had picked the more leisurely pace boat. I snuggled with Mom the entire time because I am still not feeling all that great.


When on the island, we opted to take a private carriage ride around the island. Really I think it was because I wasn’t feeling well and no-one wanted to listen to be complain about walking!  We had a great, knowledgable guide who told us the history of the island as well as information about those people that call it their summer home.


Perking up after finding out I didn’t have to walk all day.


We saw the Grand Hotel with it’s 600 foot front porch.


Skull Cave.


And views of the marina from the Eastern Cliffs.


Fort Mackinac. We opted not to visit since we are just about “forted” out.

After our carriage ride we walked Market Street and sampled enough fudge to make us all sick in the tummy. I gave up after 2 samples. I just am not a fudge kid of kid I guess. That or it was my sore throat that made me not want more.


We had a near private ferry back to the mainland. We enjoyed lunch out, a rare treat.


No problems getting back into Canada on the International Bridge. When we got back I hung out with Dad while B swam and Mom did laundry. I ended up taking a long nap and is finally feeling a bit better, thank goodness!


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