Last Day at Saguenay

We were up early and drove along the coast to the lookouts we were at over the last few days. The air was ver chilly after the storm that roller through yesterday. The sun was out so we had high hopes. The winds were so strong that we sought out nitches in the rocks to hide while Mom stood watch above. We stayed several hours and never saw a single larger whale. We did see a pod of harbor porpoise that had two babies with them. I was over the moon excited and kept jumping all around the rocks to get better views of the babies.


The fishtanks at the Marine Center were calling me again. I watched an anemone eat, although I am not sure what it was actually eating. IMG_3161

We think this is a blenny. This was the only fish in the tank that didn’t have a photo guide.


We explored the visitors center displays again to make sure we didn’t miss anything important.

On the ferry back we were hopefully to see belugas but we were told with the high winds they go up the river further to seek a break from the winds. I refused, again, to even get out of the car because the air was TOO cold for me!

We are leaving tomorrow to head towards the Tree Rivers area for a few nights.


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