Cape Breton Highlands – Broad Cove (7/3)

We drove the Cabot Trail through the northern part of the park and to our next campground, Broad Cove. We have a lovely site along the woods. The bugs are terrible in the entire park but we are adapting and have upped the bug spray and full bod coverings.

We got the campsite set up and Dad had work so we went out to explore. We scrambled on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs are very stunning.




Mom wandered around and found all the little flowers tucked into the rocks.



We watched the lobster boats pull up traps and the shorebirds dive into the water to catch fish. The wind was blowing and the sun actually came out!



In the evening we went to a program called The Beach is Alive. We learned how the beach moves around with the tides and the high and low energy waves. We learned how the creatures have to adapt to the sand and will burrow down to the tide line or to find moisture in the changing tides.



We dug through the sand and found lots of sand shrimp. We even hot to hunt for treasures to show the others int he program. It was a lot of fun.

After the program we ran by the motorhome and grabbed raincoats as it was drizzling again. We headed out for a Lantern Walk Through Time. The guide showed dressed in a black cape that Dad likened to the Grimm Reaper! She was just as eerie and spoke in a soft voice.




We followed and learned about the people that first lived in the area. There was spooky tales but nothing terribly frightening.

We each carried a lantern as we walked to light our path. It was very historical!

We were out very late and got home after 11pm.

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