Dunromin Campground

We spent last evening exploring the campground. Lots more people arrive now that it is the weekend and the public schools are out for the summer. We made some new friends and stayed out really late having fun.


B and I love the huge chair and the awesome playground.


The rec hall has a game I am really good at. It is a ring on a string that is attached to the ceiling and you have to swing it and try to get it to hook on a hook on the wall. I got it 5 times!


We wandered until sundown and then headed back to read more of Anne of Green Gables because we get to Prince Edward Island in August. The campground has a great swimming area that we hope to get into in the morning.


Today we started at a very large and crowded farmers market. We bought some berries, peas and bread. Mom got some Thai food too.


The Thai food came with a fork. A wooden fork. I wouldn’t let Mom use it because I thought it was cool. I kept it and will name it Fork-ee.


I am getting really good at sorting all of the trash here. The campground has bays of cans all labeled with what goes where. They really take it serious here.


The campground had a slip and slide this afternoon and I only did it once. I didn’t slide far because it didn’t have enough soap. Apparently later it had a LOT of soap! They also played a movie and B and I went and say some of that when Mom thought we were at the playground. It is quiet and safe and we are having fun exploring while Mom tidied up the motorhome.


We spent a while at the river beach during mid tide. We caught all sorts of snails, crabs and shrimps. I was teaching everyone about them. The girls flocked to me!


They had a yellow jumping dock too. I loved flying off on it.


We planned a campfire with s’mores and the bread we learned about in one of the Xplorer books. We got all ready and Mom was just about to go set up the wood and light the fire when a staff member came by and said its a no go. Apparently there is a fire ban effective last evening. They didn’t know about it until today. They were kind enough to take our wood back (we bought it from them) and refund our money. So we bought some Jiffy Pop and made that inside while watching Harry Potter and relaxing.


Tomorrow we move on to a new campground for a few nights in Amherst, Nova Scotia. We will be exploring the fossil cliffs.


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