Friend Fun

We had a really bad storm this week. The whole house was shaking. I ended up curled up with Mom in bed reading books until the sun came up. Dad had to go to work in the middle of the storm but he snuck out in between bands of the storm. We had an all time high rain rate of over 10 inches per hour! We only got 3 inches of rain but that is still an insane amount for May.


We went to the Dali museum free parts with friends before and after a theater show at Mahaffey. I love the little bird with a mustache. IMG_7928

Duke Energy gave out free sunglasses to everyone. We pretended we were spies and secret service agents. The show was good. It was a science show with Dr. KaBOOM! He was really funny. I felt bad he had to spend so much time getting kids to be quiet.


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