Car Problems

We have been having car issues lately ever since Mom fueled up. We ended up stranded at a dealership in Sanford. They got us a rental car and got us on the road to home while they kept the Jeep to get her fixed. The dealership had a soundproof kids room with surround sound, movies and games. They also had a ice cream counter and coffee bar that was all free. It was very fancy!


We stopped at Disney Springs on the way home and stretched our legs and visited a few shops.


I loved all the games that people made at the Lego store. I really liked the labyrinth set. I think I want that for Christmas!


We found Jungle Book things!


I liked sneaking looks between the walls to see the construction at Planet Hollywood.


We did find out what caused the Jeep issues. The gas station Mommy got diesel from had a delivery of the wrong type of fuel! OOPS! That was a costly mistake for someone. Thankfully insurance is helping us out. Mommy called FDOA and the gas station main company and started claims process. The insurance company will take over! The car is going to need very expensive things to fix it, including a new gas tank!! WOW!


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