Paynes Prairie and 4-H Forest Ecology

We went camping this weekend so B could be closer to his 4-H Forest Ecology contest.  We had a great campsite and enjoyed playing outside with the mosquitos.


We took a trip to Devil’s Millhopper and went down the 232 stairs to the bottom of the sinkhole.

IMG_7112 IMG_7114 IMG_7118

Some of our friends arrived the next day and we played in the woods. I relaxed in the hammocks with my new buddy W.


I had a fun time with Dad while B was at the contest. I came by at the end to check out the contest samples and cheer on the people from out county.

B got second place. He has worked really hard for it!


I crashed the photo!


We went (well, i went twice to the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo. I loved all the animals, especially the tree kangaroos!

This little turtle was amaZing at yoga!

IMG_7230 IMG_7231

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