Florida State Fair

Today was 4-H Day at the Fair. All 4-H members and their families got in for free. We like to go see the animals exhibits. We don’t like the rides and find the games a rip off. The weather was threatening all day but we braved the cooler temperatures and rain.

We started our morning with Amish donuts. This is always one of our favorites.



They were just opening up for the day so we had to wait a little bit for hot fresh donuts.


They are the size of my head!


Once we had our donut fill we headed off to see the animals. I loved seeing all the ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits. I really liked the chicks!

IMG_5622 IMG_5623

The cows were HUGE. There were mini Zebu Cattle that were tiny and cute. I really liked the babies. This one was so tiny. Mom and Dad explained that if you are showing a momma cow and she has a baby that is still nursing, you have to bring both!


We made orange juice, butter and grew radish seeds.


At Cracker Country I made a candle and a new piece of rope.


The indoor butterfly exhibit was very neat. We got to feed the butterflies.


This pretty one landed on my jacket!


We had a great time and even brought home a new maple tree from Florida Forest Services. We named it Smokey and planted it in the front yard where the old oak tree was located.



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