Working Cow Field-trip

We went to Pinellas Park for a trip to the Working Cow Ice Cream manufacturing plant. I was shocked by how small the facility was given how much ice cream they produce. It was a tiny building tucked off of US 19.


We had a tiny group of 8 people on the tour. We got to see where they store the ice cream they have made in the giant freezer. It was SUPER cold.

IMG_5291 IMG_5294

The next part of the tour required us wearing hairnets if we didn’t have a hoodie. Mom and I were the only ones who had to wear hairnets. I was NOT happy about that.


We got to see them making the ice cream. We weren’t allowed to close so we didn’t contaminate the ice cream.

IMG_5304 IMG_5301

These were the old machines that they used. They now have a much bigger machine that pumps the ingredients straight from the containers.


We learned that they recycle their containers by scraping off the labels and  sanitizing them.


We saw all the coloring and flavors that they add to the product. Mom was sad that for such a small facility that they use so many pre-made products to make their ice cream.


We got to sample fresh made butter pecan ice cream. I really liked it, considering I hate butter pecan. Well, I still really dislike ice cream in general!


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