Merry Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve baking and making crafts. We didn’t really make Christmas cookies this year. Instead we made these blue things with pink frosting. They were delicious!


We build and decorated our gingerbread houses. The gingerbread was so soft I kept having to reenforce the walls.

IMG_4664 IMG_4676

Christmas came quietly with a small tree and a few gifts for all.


We were up early, but not too early.


I love my new hand shadow book.


I got lots of Lego sets and a cool Mechanno Mechanic robot. It took me nearly 3 days to but I love him!

IMG_4694 IMG_4708 IMG_4714

We got a few outdoor toys as well. I really enjoyed the new basketball! I even got it in the hoop a few times.


Silly Elves

We haven’t talked much about the elves this year in the blogs. They have been mostly calm and a delight to have around. They do silly things from time to time but are not as destructive. I keep telling Mom they are kind of boring this year.

They made TP snowmen.


They got into the Star Wars crazies too!


When they left to go to the North Pole and left behind elf butt photos from the copy machine! Silly elves!


Early Holiday with Grandma and Grandpa

We have opted for a quiet Christmas at home this year. No travel. We need the break. Grandma and Grandpa stopped by a few days before to exchange gifts and wish happy holidays.



We got the same gifts so we couldn’t watch each other open them.

IMG_4610 IMG_4611

Cool new skates! They are hybrid roller blades and roller skates.


We wanted to immediately rush outside and play with them. We had a great time and no-one got broken. Mom has ordered some wrist guards and we need to tighten down the wheels a little so they aren’t so fast!


Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa we really love our new skates!


We came back in later to Thunder stuck in a paper bag from Ace Hardware!


Pre- Holiday Crazies

Mom is keeping us busy so we don’t go crazy. We have a month off of school work so we are doing lots of art and free play.

We wanted to make paintings for the grandparents for Christmas.


We went to Largo Cultural Center to see Santa’s Review. It was stories from around the world about the holidays. We had a great time with our new friends, Hayden and Merrick.


Mom is making daily challenges on the dry erase board. Some are puzzles, scrambles or other random torture she comes up with. I am really good at the scrambles.


We have been passing the days with our Star Wars obsession. Light Saber battles ensue daily.


Grandma and Grandpa sent a Lobster-Gram and we got to play with the dry ice!


Safety Harbor Parade and then Motorcycles!

We were asked to join the Clearwater Threshers group and toss our candy at the Safety Harbor Holiday Parade this weekend. We got to help decorate the golf cart. We rode in the back and had a great time with Mr. Jay tossing out goodies.


We even got to see Phinley!


We got to ride through all the streets and even got dropped of at the car when we were done.


The next day was our favorite parade. The Suncoast Brotherhood Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run. Over 3000 motorcycles participated this year. We got tons of candy, beads and other stuff. Dad even got into the waving action. I think his arms were going to fall off from all the waving. It is really a LONG parade.