Settling Back in to Routine

We are back from all of our adventures and back to life as normal, whatever that means. I am enjoying my school work, unless it is writing.


I still love art and math the most.


B took a class at the Apple Store and I sat under the table and played on my iPad the entire time.


We went to Comic Con in Tampa. We had a fun time wandering around and seeing all the people in costumes. We bought these silly tails and have been transformed into creatures. Mine is a mutant animal tail.


I spray painted my initials on the mural at the convention.


I loved the crafts int he kids room. What a fun thing to do with Legos. They made it into a spinner.


I am working on my symmetry and creating a potential necklace.


It has been rain rain rain for weeks now. We saw this online and thought it was fitting. We are floating away. One day we had over 6 inches of rain!


This is an RV park downtime road a bit. They are in a low lying area and had 8 inches of rain in 24 hours. Everything was flooded.


We wrapped up our last hip hop class of the summer. I really liked the classes but I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to keep doing.



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