Rocky Bayou State Park – Mommy Time Again

B is off to Marine Ecology Camp for 4-H. We are making at Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, Fl. We enjoyed some morning hikes before dropping be off at camp.


The deer moss was pretty near. It only grows in certain conditions and dries up when the moisture is low. The deer love to lay down on it because it is soft and fluffy. They use deer moss in model building!



We had a good time on our hikes along the bayou. It was terribly hot outside but we made the best of it.

IMG_1538 IMG_1551

We did some wading before it got too hot out.


After we dropped B at camp we visited the USAF Armament Museum. I had a great time looking at all of the weapons.




I really loved the planes on display outside. We made it through about 3/4 of them and I was too hot. The temperatures have been in the upper 90s with heat index in the low 120s!


We called it quits and went to a bowling alley for dinner. I had a quesadilla while bowling on the fishy lanes.


What a neat concept. It was called “Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl”.


We cooled off with cold showers at the camp bathhouse and spent the evening doing puzzles in the AC of the camper.

IMG_1575 IMG_1582

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast before another day out.


Oh, I ate oranges too. Don’t tell anyone. I kind of enjoyed them. Maybe!


We played hard exploring town and were back for dinner and cookies in the camper.



We woke up to a sign in the park saying that the water was off limits. The temperatures were so high that the water failed the bacterial test. We loaded the car and headed for the beach. The beach was EMPTY. It was toasty hot outside but we had a nice breeze on the beach.




I loved making sand castles in the surf.


I was jumping waves for a long time.


My castles keep getting bigger and better.


After the beach we stopped at a spray ground/playground that was really shady. I had a great time climbing and playing.


The spray area was full sun with no clouds in the sky. I didn’t last long.


I loved the bubble but other kids kept coming in and disturbing me. I asked if we could go back to the camper after throwing a massive tantrum.


But first I had to check out the shovel digger.


One day we found a hands on science center. It wasn’t very large but I had a good time exploring. I played with the bubbles for over an hour. Anything to stay inside and not outside in the sauna!



The storms rolled in and it was down poring like crazy. Mom had the awning put away  and all the outside stuff, other than the mat, cleaned up. I made a fort under the dining room table and played under there for a long time.


More puzzles. This one took all evening!


One last beach trip before we picked up Breighton.


I spent hours making sand animals.


I think we were the only people at the beach! IMG_1657





This is my giant barnacle.


The rains came again in the afternoon and between bands I went outside to play with bubbles while Mom worked on laundry and tidy up.




We thought we were going to float away. But at least it was cooler outside for a little while.


We finally picked up B and then went to the Gulf World Aquarium. I loved seeing the mama and baby dolphin and the penguins.




Mommy and Emmerson Week #2

Breighton is off to FWC camp so I get a whole week of Mommy time. We have been busy crafting and playing. I used up the rest of the Model Magic maybe fun new swirly balls and other silly things.


It was a full art emersion.


I wore the bucket on my head all day. I am such a goofy kid.


I FINALLY got a Zuppies. I have been seeing them in the store for a long time and saved up some allowance and bought Spot! He is awesome!


We went to a dog show at the library. The dogs were really funny. I spent a lot of the show telling the kids near me not to cross the line. I was mad that kids behaved so rudely in front of the performer.


Mom, Grandma Susie and I went to Tarpon Springs. I got to check out a lot of sponges and pick two out to take home. We watched a neat video on how sponges are harvested and the different uses.



I was in a silly mood and wanted my photo taken in the diver but I wouldn’t put my head in the diver mask.


Finally, I did!

IMG_1451 IMG_1456

There was a sponge boat that had just come in that morning. We watched them sort and cut the sponges.


We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch but I didn’t like anything on the menu so I had bread and butter. I thought a bread beard was entertaining. I saw Mom had pita bread and that looked yummy so I ate all of her bread too!


We checked out the sponges one more time.


We took several trips to the spray ground this week. It was EMPTY! I had the run of the place.

IMG_1477 IMG_1481


We also went bowling, just Mom and I.


I have a very specific ball that I use. This is her, I call her orange-red.


The confidence of knowing that orange-red will get me a strike!


We worked on Legos, played outside and watched movies.


We pick up B in the morning. I really like when he goes to camp!

Silver Springs State Park


We took B up to Ocala today to drop him at camp and spent a little time at Silver Springs State Park. We saw lots of lubber grasshoppers. I even pet this one before it hopped away.


There was a giant five lined skink on the walkway.


I managed to pet that as well.


A smaller baby skink ran up the outside of Mom’s pants all the way to her hat! We were all laughing so hard as she stood frozen. We got it off and then it ran back up again!


I am going to miss having B around this week. Mom and I have lots of little things planned like movies, art projects, swimming and more.


Back to Life


We are back to our normal  routine of fun and school. We have been bowling a lot lately. I still prefer the bumpers but Mom thinks I won’t need them much longer.

IMG_1278 IMG_1294

I am HATING writing this year. It is a lot of work. I am capable. I just am stubborn. I will throw a fit for HOURS and eventually realize I have no choice but to get my work done then accomplish the task rather quickly. UGH!


We have been watching the Harry Potter Movies in the evenings. For some reason I needed a bag on my head.


More writing in the evening since I refused all day and eventually decided I wanted to have some iPad time and couldn’t unless the writing was done.


I have been keeping track of front yard visitors. We saw a eurasian collared dove this week. We also have a bunny, lots of squirrels, mocking birds, mourning doves, blue jays, cardinals and a grackle! In the backyard we have the owl again! IMG_1355