Mommy and Emmerson Week #2

Breighton is off to FWC camp so I get a whole week of Mommy time. We have been busy crafting and playing. I used up the rest of the Model Magic maybe fun new swirly balls and other silly things.


It was a full art emersion.


I wore the bucket on my head all day. I am such a goofy kid.


I FINALLY got a Zuppies. I have been seeing them in the store for a long time and saved up some allowance and bought Spot! He is awesome!


We went to a dog show at the library. The dogs were really funny. I spent a lot of the show telling the kids near me not to cross the line. I was mad that kids behaved so rudely in front of the performer.


Mom, Grandma Susie and I went to Tarpon Springs. I got to check out a lot of sponges and pick two out to take home. We watched a neat video on how sponges are harvested and the different uses.



I was in a silly mood and wanted my photo taken in the diver but I wouldn’t put my head in the diver mask.


Finally, I did!

IMG_1451 IMG_1456

There was a sponge boat that had just come in that morning. We watched them sort and cut the sponges.


We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch but I didn’t like anything on the menu so I had bread and butter. I thought a bread beard was entertaining. I saw Mom had pita bread and that looked yummy so I ate all of her bread too!


We checked out the sponges one more time.


We took several trips to the spray ground this week. It was EMPTY! I had the run of the place.

IMG_1477 IMG_1481


We also went bowling, just Mom and I.


I have a very specific ball that I use. This is her, I call her orange-red.


The confidence of knowing that orange-red will get me a strike!


We worked on Legos, played outside and watched movies.


We pick up B in the morning. I really like when he goes to camp!

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