Jackson, Wyoming


We drove about 2.5 hours down to Jackson, Wyoming for a day of parades, crafts, exploring and a rodeo! The day started VERY wet. We managed to find a covered stop on the parade route. It was Old West Days and part of the celebration was a parade and activities in the town square.

Just as the parade started the rain paused.


We just happened to be at the stage area so got to see all the groups preform. We loved the Golden Girls dance troupe (women 65-94) as they danced to Uptown Funk!

One lady even did a huge split at the end!



IMG_0560 IMG_0562

We saw a bagpipe group. Weird for in the middle of the west!

I loved all the horses and carriages.




After the parade we wandered town a bit to let the crowds die down. We had some baked goods and ate pizza for lunch.

We were able to get in a few crafts before the rain picked back up. I loved making imprints into a leather necklace.



We also made dipped candles.



We wandered some more, grabbed a few groceries, hit the hardware store and found mexican for dinner.

After a drive out to see a historic bridge we headed back to Jackson for the rodeo!

We had great seats in the second row behind a couple from Jacksonville, Florida.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best but I can promise you we laughed, cringed, gasped and nearly cried watching these brave people on bulls and horses.

They even had a little cowboy that was only 5 years old ride a bull, with help.



IMG_0602 IMG_0621 IMG_0629 IMG_0635 IMG_0651

This was an insanely long day. After the rodeo ended at 10pm we had to drive the 2.5 hours back to Yellowstone. We were all exhausted again. Oh, and more bison jams!







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