Sea World Field Trip


Mom booked a field trip to SeaWorld. The tickets were a great deal. We opted to stay in a hotel the night before so we could get good rest and not drive the 2 hours in the morning to get there at 9am.

We saw an educational show about animal adaptations. They we were free to explore the park. I loved the Dolphin Nursery.

IMG_9001 IMG_9002

They have a lot of aquariums. I thought the zebra shark were a bit too scary for me.


One tank you could even pop up inside of.


We saw the dolphin show. I love love loved it!


We saw lots of rescued sea turtles. I was really happy to learn all that Sea World does to protect and preserve animals.


At lunch I walked around with my water bottle balanced on my head. Just because I could! IMG_9040

We hung out with our good friends, Jamison and Curtis.


I was overjoyed to see the penguins. There were SO many. I didn’t want to leave the penguin enclosure. Mom convinced me it was okay but only if I took a video first.


My Penguin Video

I had to take lots of penguin photos too.

IMG_9051 IMG_9064 IMG_9067 IMG_9069 IMG_9075 IMG_9081

We warmed up after the penguins with some glacier climbing.


More penguins!


We fed the seals.


We wrapped up our day with the orca show called “One Ocean”. We sat in the splash zone and got soaked. I loved seeing the orcas swimming and jumping.



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