Fort DeSoto Campgound


Dad has been busy building a bike rack for the back of the new truck so we can take the bikes out when we go camping.


This past week we had quite a lot of adventures. We booked a campsite at Ft. DeSoto for 5 nights. We took lots of morning hikes and saw many raccoon and even a opossum. IMG_8762 IMG_8763

Daddy hurt his back so in the pouring monsoon we drove him to the doctor. He wasn’t able to join us for the rest of the trip and we missed him like crazy. Grandma Susie came to visit for a night and we hiked the remote beaches.

IMG_8766 IMG_8770

We saw a neat sailboat toed up to the dock and were able to talk tot the crew. They are sailing around the world. They have a website so you can track them. They boat is called the Winnie and their website is We wish them the best of luck on their voyage.


I found a dried up star fish.


We played at the beach.


I decided that reading was more my speed. Yes, I don’t want to take my nose out of these books. I am loving my new ability.


It got hot in the sun so we moved under the pier. The light was better for reading anyway.


I did put the book down for brief periods of time to play with Breighton.


Grandma and Grandpa came after Grandma Susie left. We had a nice dinner on the bumper grill. B got sick but recovered quickly with the sound of s’mores! IMG_8788 IMG_8790

I built lots of little villages all over the campsite.

IMG_8791 IMG_8793 IMG_8796

But my book was my top priority.

IMG_8799 IMG_8801

We had a little field mouse visitor in a tree.


The campfire went until way past bedtime. I really missed having Daddy around.

IMG_8813 IMG_8816

We explored the area and visited Tampa Bay Watch. We got a short tour of the facility and can’t wait to do volunteer work for the facility in the future.


We learned about there sea grass restoration project. IMG_8840

They also are doing an oyster bed project to help clean water and prevent erosion. IMG_8841

We got to pull of habitats that they are making for educational research. They were covered in small animals like crabs and shrimp.

IMG_8845 IMG_8848

We took many long bike rides. I learned about going through puddles and how mud splashes up on you if you go really fast.

IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8870

I wanted to bike to the water tower. It was a long ride but we finally made it.

IMG_8871 IMG_8873 IMG_8876

We wrapped up the day with a trip to the beach for some shelling.


We had a great time at the campground, I really wish Daddy felt better. Family adventures await us soon.



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