Florida State Fair

One of the things we look forward to each year is visiting the Florida State Fair for 4H. I really enjoy Cracker Country, it is a old time community complete with rope making, butter churning and candle making.


This year we stopped at watched a few shows. I really enjoyed the high divers.


This guy, dressed like a giant baby, dove off a platform that was 80 feet in the air.


We also saw the educational alligator show. I really felt bad for the alligator but I did learn some new things about alligators.

IMG_8497 IMG_8505



Daddy didn’t come with us this year so I had a donut for him! Daddy, it was YUMMY!


Spring chickens that just hatched. We stood and watched one hatch. It was awesome.



No fear of bugs for me! I pet the Madagascar hissing cockroach.


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