Adventures in Orlando

This part week we took a secret trip to Orlando. We looked at some travel trailers at Tampa RV and Orlando RV. We picked out one we just LOVE and picked it up this week. ON our first trip over we got to stop at Bass Pro. I played the laser shooting game. It was a lot of fun.


I discovered a new place that sells chicken. I called it “POPE YES” chicken. That gave everyone a giggle. My reading is really taking off lately.


B and I got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and Dad drove to pick up our new future traveling home.

IMG_8333 IMG_8334 IMG_8335


Grandma and Grandpa took us to the zoo when Mom and Dad were in Orlando. They even bought me a really cool stingray. I really liked spending time with them at the zoo.

IMG_1131 IMG_1134

We camped a few nights at a local RV park in Dunedin just to see what it was like. I am really excited. I get the top bunk because I am part monkey and can climb up to the bed better than Breighton.

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