Myakka River State Park

Today we drove to Sarasota to spend the day at Myakka River State Park. We walked a lot and enjoyed the cool weather and amazing views and blue sky.

We took an airboat tour of the lake. It was the worlds largest covered airboat. It went slow and wasn’t as loud as a normal airboat.

I got A nice window seat!

The skipper was very informative about the flora and fauna.

We saw lots of alligators and birds.

After the boat tour we hiked to the Canopy Tower. You climb one tower, go across a suspension bridge and then up higher in the second tower. It was about 75 feet up and about the tree canopy. The views were spectacular.

Next we had a quick lunch in the car and then hiked out the bird trail to the pier.

We saw lots of wading birds. one alligator and LOTS of water hyacinth.

W had a great day trip! we want to go back someday.

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