A Little Bit of Summer

Public schools are officially back in and we are enjoying some breaks from school to goof around and enjoy what is left of summertime. We took some friends to the spray ground. I figured out how to get on top of the sprayed and made it my perch for a while.


We wrapped up baseball season with watching Phinley get the belt for being the winner of Mascot Mania!



B and I have been exploring out butterfly garden. We like to go sit with books in the yard and read about different types we see fly in to nectar or lay eggs.



We have been working on good grocery store choices. Since the tooth breaking incident earlier this summer we are under strict rules. We had to give up half of our allowance so are working to earn that back.


The final night of baseball and Mommy got to hold and belt and pose with it!


Can’t wait for the cooler weather September will hopefully bring.

My Cat, Crystal

Mom thinks that Crystal is just like me when I was a little kid. She likes to seek in the basket.


Remember when this is where I fell asleep?


I like to read her stories. She likes to hang out with me when I am doing my schoolwork. Sometimes she isn’t too helpful when she opts to lay on Mom’s textbook.


We even nap together. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong!


Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

Welcome to what we officially call my 1st grade year even though I am doing mostly 2nd and 3rd grade work.

It has been a roller coaster of a first week back to school for me. We got an early start this year so we can get back into the flow slowly. I got up really early and started my morning with some bubble popping.


My favorite new subject is exploring the 50 states. I love learning the state birds.


Some days start with a little yoga and meditation, especially when it comes to something I have to write.


Sometimes I just hope if I pretend to be asleep Mom will forget I have work to do?


I found out that not doing my work landed me not he sidelines when everyone else was swimming at Grandma Susie’s pool.


Reluctantly I eventually write an apology letter for a nasty nasty tantrum I threw about not wanting to do a very quick stick figure drawing.


Mom I am very sorry.

I am very sorry for throwing a tantrum.

Tomorrow I will follow directions.


I also demonstrated air quotes! I am not sure when they are appropriate to use but they sure do cause Mom’s eyes to roll!



I also moved on to a new Life of Fred book! I am officially in Ice Cream!


4H Awards Banquet

We had a great time at the annual 4H potluck and awards banquet tonight. Mom got to pass out the awards to all the kids in our club.



I loved being able to get an award from the treasure chest! This was my first official award even though I have been going to club meetings for 4 years now.


Out club, Nuts and Bolts, also won Club of the Year! Mommy worked really hard this year and we all felt our club deserved the award.



This year we are doing the second level of Junk Drawer Robotics. I am so excited. I also chose to work in an aerospace book. I want to make rockets and launch them!