Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

Welcome to what we officially call my 1st grade year even though I am doing mostly 2nd and 3rd grade work.

It has been a roller coaster of a first week back to school for me. We got an early start this year so we can get back into the flow slowly. I got up really early and started my morning with some bubble popping.


My favorite new subject is exploring the 50 states. I love learning the state birds.


Some days start with a little yoga and meditation, especially when it comes to something I have to write.


Sometimes I just hope if I pretend to be asleep Mom will forget I have work to do?


I found out that not doing my work landed me not he sidelines when everyone else was swimming at Grandma Susie’s pool.


Reluctantly I eventually write an apology letter for a nasty nasty tantrum I threw about not wanting to do a very quick stick figure drawing.


Mom I am very sorry.

I am very sorry for throwing a tantrum.

Tomorrow I will follow directions.


I also demonstrated air quotes! I am not sure when they are appropriate to use but they sure do cause Mom’s eyes to roll!



I also moved on to a new Life of Fred book! I am officially in Ice Cream!


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