Riding with NO Training Wheels

Mommy figured with B being at camp this was a good week for me to try to learn to ride my bike. I took off my own training wheels and was ready to go.




We walked the bike to the park but half way there I wanted Mom to run and hold me. Then I was ready to try it on my own. I kept falling off but kept getting right back up.


Within a few tries I was making it about 50 feet at a time.


We rode all around the sidewalks and then tried a little on the basketball and tennis courts so i had more wiggle room. I found the fence a few times and laughed uncontrollably.


But then suddenly, I got it! It just clicked after about 15 min of trying and I took off like I had been riding for years.


Which meant, time for a new BIG KID bike! I have a 20” bike now and LOVE it.



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