Mommy E Day

My gifted class was canceled because of the field trip earlier in the week so Mommy took me to Future Flipz open gym for the morning while B was at his class. I had a blast running, diving and building in the foam blocks. I jumped on the trampoline and ran the obstacle course a LOT of times. I was the oldest kid at the open gym.


After we picked up B and Daddy we went to Safety Harbor for a “Clay Night”. We build with different types of clay. I worked really hard on my special creations.


Many 6 Year Old Faces

Today was my 6 year doctor appointment. Everything checked out just peachy. I am finally past the 40lb mark! I am getting a little taller and sitting at around 60% height compared to other boys my age. I loved making faces for Mommy while waiting for the doctor to come.






Do I have to have a shot?


After the appt we raced off to piano lessons. Some days are really busy.


Edison Ford Winter Estate

I had a field trip for my gifted class to Sarasota but I didn’t want to ride the bus. So Mommy drove me down for the day. B had a field trip the same day to the History Museum in Tampa so he stayed the night with Grandma Susie because Mom and I had to leave really early.

We got to the museum on time but the school kids were over an hour late. We toured the gardens while waiting and I checked out every plant and tree.


I wasn’t too keen on taking a picture with the statue of Edison.


We watched acorns fall from the trees.


I lined special rocks up. They all talked to me in one way or another.


Finally the busses arrived and after some twists and turns we started our tour.



But first trying to corral kids for a group photo.


I sat right now for the class part of the trip. I loved the science experiment we did today. I raised my hand and even volunteered.


We walked around the museum and labs.


It is really neat to think that Thomas Edison actually once worked in these labs.