Funny Sleeping and Rocks

This week I announced to Mom and Dad that my bed is no longer squishy enough. I have opted to sleep on my beanbag chair for the last few days. Daddy is bringing home one of those egg crate things for my bed. Hopefully I will like it and move back up to my bed.


When I awoke from my “temporary bed” Mommy gave me some rocks and fossils and things that Uncle Matt sent to Breighton and me. I LOVE them all! I really like them all but the goldish cube is my favorite! I carried it around all day today and it is going to sleep under my bed with me tonight.


Outdoor Science

Our science lesson this week was outside in the backyard on our NEW picnic table. You can also see Daddy’s new smoker he built in the background.

For science we made bubbles float in the air and made them change directions with different air currents. We also made submarines and tried to get the weight and air pressure just right to keep them hovering in water vs sinking or floating all the way up.

I love science!


Natural Drummer

When Breighton goes to music lessons I like to play around in Sam Ash. Usually my instrument of choice is the percussion section. Today I discovered the steel drums. Wow, I am in love! I loved all the different high sounds they made. Mommy played them after me and I danced and giggled.


I know this picture doesn’t show it but I was smiling so much!