Halloween Camping Trip

I loved going around and looking all of the decorations.


I am still in love with vinylmation toys. I have been trying really hard to get this turtle and finally did.


When B and Daddy went home so B could go to class Mommy and I took he bus to Downtown Disney and went to build a dino! I picked out a rainbow pteradon that Breighton just had to have!


We made cool backpacks and played lots of cameos at the pool.


We collected a bunch of pinecones and made a Mickey head and the word BOO!


I picked Happy Trigger for my Halloween pumpkin. He is from Skylanders.


We took the golf cart trick-or-treating and made quite the haul. I really only eat the lollipops and Skittles.


I loved the pumpkins at night.


I had a blast playing with all my friends. I rode me scooter all over the place! I played in the woods, got filthy and had a wonderful time! I was so worn out each day I didn’t even fight with Breighton at bedtime when we had to share a bed.

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