Randon Ohio Thoughts

Mom has a connection and we are now the proud owners of 2 of the last 3 Skylanders we are missing.


We have been busy building in the basement. Once again, we raided Great Grandpa’s old work bench and found some fun new things to build with.


Today it was near 96 and we got out the slip and slide. I am not very good at it and that makes me sad but I had fun playing in the water!



After we got cleaned up it was just too hot to play outside. We made a fort in the back bedroom and played under the bed for a long time. The cool air from the AC blows at floor level so this was the coolest place we could find.


I took another nap. Fine, I admit it… I NEED A NAP!


Last night we went to the Fireman’s Parade. It rained out most of the parade except the firetrucks and candy. We got LOTS of candy!




We came home and after the rain stopped we did our fireworks. I liked watching more than participating.


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