Fun Day

It was a very hot day today. We just wanted to cool off in the yard. Mommy set up the slip and slide and the kiddie pool. The slip and slide broke after Breighton and I jumped on it wrong.


So we got the sprinkler out! That was much more fun!


After we got all cleaned up from our playtime outside we made some shark dissection kit we got at a garage sale. It was really gross but super fun.


Emmerson vs The Robellini Palm

The victory goes to the palm tree.

The trash man forgot to pick up some of the branches we trimmed this weekend. I didn’t realize how pokey they were and I ran across the pile. Needless to say, it was a pretty silly idea. I got a few pokers in my toes. Mommy got most of them out. Grandma Jo came to the rescue with some medicine and gentle hands. She was able to free the thorn with minimal drama. So now I sit with my foot soaking. So not happy!


Scallop Program at Weedon Island

We look a trip down to Weedon Island for a scallop program. We had a blast in the hands-on area.


We hiked down to the docks and helped pull up a trap that floats in the water that holds the scallops.


We learned how to measure and check the scallops to make sure they were still healthy. They are trying to see how long they take to grow and will measure them once a month.



My favorite was the orange one. I named it “Orange”.


After out scallop class we took a quick hike around a trial. We crossed paths with a gopher tortoise. He let us pet him but he hissed and pulled his head in. Very cool!


First Haircut

Mommy calls this my “watch talking’ ’bout Willis” face? I don’t get it! I was not too impressed with this hair-cut concept. Okay, so i am four and never had a haircut (except when Breighton was experimenting with scissors a few years ago).


The hairdresser had no clue my hair was actually this long. The curls take off a lot of the length.


They took an inch or so off and all the knots and dead ends. Mommy nearly cried at the blonde curls going a way. Don’t worry there are still a lot there!