Exploring Our World

We had a lovely bike ride in Safety Harbor. I was able to keep up with the big kids. I did have a small crash because I wasn’t watching where I was going and tumbled off the sidewalk into some bushes. It was all made better 10 seconds later while BReighton was picking on me and he drove off and did the same thing. Silly brother!


I caught a few crabs in the water.


I was all giggles on the little beach we found. If you stood real still little crabs came out of all the holes in the sand. Then you could hear them all clicking. If you moved slightly they all scurried back to their holes. It was a very funny game to play.


We wandered out quite far since the tide was low. I loved finding snails. We found tiny ones the size of the tip of my pinky finger and some were as big as my fist.



Back on the bikes and ready to go explore more.


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