Niagara Falls

I could have stood in front of the window in our hotel room the entire trip and been a happy camper. I loved looking out at all the things going on at Niagara Falls. The view was amazing.


I was so excited to ride on the Maids of the Mist. I started out by declaring that I don’t like MIST!


I also don’t like BLUE raincoats!


I for sure don’t like WIND! Or MIST!


I did NOT like Maids of the Mist. Okay, maybe a little when Daddy or Mommy were holding me.


I don’t like ice cream either! I only wanted an empty cone. What a grump I am today!



A smile! A real smile! I loved riding the elevator up to the top of the Skylon tower.


I liked pointing out things and playing I-Spy with Mommy and Daddy.



We even found dinosaurs!


The highlight of the trip today may have been the elephant outside of RainForest Cafe.


We had fun playing in the park before dinner.


Shooting Breighton the eye roll. My brother is so silly sometimes.


We were trying to catch the koi!


This is our hotel. We were on the 17th floor!


Burning off some energy before we sit down for a nice dinner.


I had a lovely pasta dinner. I started to get a bit grumpier after dinner. We all curled up and waited for the fireworks to start after sunset. I was really tired and just wanted to go to bed. I was asleep on Mommy by 8pm! I woke briefly for the fireworks then Mommy put me to bed next to Breighton. I tossed and turned for a bit and then an hour later I woke up vomiting. I threw up all night until about 4am. Mommy tended to me while everyone else snored away. Daddy woke once but slept through the rest.


I felt a bit better in the morning but refused to eat much. No clue what hit me but it hit me hard. Fortunately, I don’t ever get sick for long.

I enjoyed the hydroelectric power plant.



We left Canada and stopped by Geneva-on-the-Lake for donuts and arcade fun. I perked up in the arcade and won a stuffed puppy so that made me feel better. Mom and Dad were worried the sickness may have been from the tick bite so they called the doctor. All was fine so we proceeded back to Poland to Great Granny’s house for our visit.

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