Bad Hair Day Thanks to Breighton

When Breighton and I were playing today he opted to cut my hair. This is only about half the hair that Mommy found on the floor of his room. It appears to have been about 2 inches cut off!


It doesnt look that bad.


But my hair used to touch my shoulders… now… not so much! Mommy is crushed that it was all the baby curls. I had never had a haircut so I thought Breighton knew what he is doing. I completely idolize my brother but I am SO not happy right now. Daddy bought me a new hat tonight at Target.


Fun and Crazy Week

We had a great time at the park letterboxing and then looking for bugs at the playground. We found our 100th letterbox!


We had a great time finger painting. I was obsessed with covering all the white on the paper and kept asking Mom for more paint.


More and more paint.


We set up the slot-car track and raced cars all afternoon.


Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny came and brought us some fun new toys. I got a jump rocket, sticker books and candy!



Before breakfast we went outside for an egg hunt.


I had a lot of fun running around the yard and finding eggs.


I filled my entire Easter pail.


Happy Easter!

Helping Daddy

We got to help Daddy move dirt out of the potato boxes to get ready for the new crops to go in.


We found lots of little fingerling and purple potatoes.


I took a few extra plants and planted them near my clubhouse. I love working in the garden.

Before Easter Fun

We had a fun time at an Easter Egg Hunt at Ace Hardware this morning. I found a bunch of eggs hidden in plants! I was so excited to find each and every egg. We then went to Grandma and Grandpa’s church and did an egg hunt there along with arts, crafts and games. Grandma Jo was painting faces. She made me into Spiderman! I have no clue who Spiderman is… but it was cool looking!



I am smiling…honest!


I loved decorating the eggs with stickers. I even picked a few stickers that were not green. Green is my favorite color.


We went to Taco Bus for dinner and then came home and dyed eggs! I made lots of rainbow ones with Mommy’s help.