SNOW! and Yuckie Tummies

The snow started to come down in the afternoon. Mommy took Breighton and me outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues.


I played along for a while and then found some mud to play in and got filthy and cold.


By the time Mommy got me all cleaned up this is what outside looked like!


Bedtime and fun in the snow tomorrow.


Sadly, I never got to play in the snow. I woke up early coughing and then start to throw up. Mommy few me a little food after the coughing calmed down. I thew up again. Mommy then changed me out of the dirty clothing and tucked me into bed where I threw up again but in a little pan Grandma Susie had given me. I am a good patient and followed all the sick kid rules. . I took a 2 hour nap and woke like nothing every happened! I downed 8oz of Pedialyte and some saltine crackers. I was back to my normal giggly self.

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