Great Explorations Fun

We enjoyed a morning at Great Explorations and then at Sunken Gardens. I got very impatient waiting in line at Breighton’s Vet Shop. My rainbow fish was VERY sick and since Woofie loves rainbows it was top priority that my rainbow fish was seen by the doctor! Do you understand?!


After a daunting experience at the vets office I was off to shop for cat food, ice cream and raisins at the pretend grocery store.


I loved watching B play the harp.


This green screen stuff really fascinated me. I wish Mommy took a picture of me pretending I fell in the water and Brieghton helped me back in with the paddle. I was outright goofy!



Mommy said I had my silly pants on all day. At the mini health clinic I found it super funny to doctor up the patients then spin the wheel and crash them to the floor. Mommy said I will likely never get my medical license if I treat people this way.




Mommy convinced me I needed an x-ray to check to see if i had too many silly bones.


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