Space Shuttle Launch

We had an extremely long day driving to, waiting for and watching the shuttle launch. Mommy tried to keep us busy. We visited a little museum but I just wanted to touch everything.


Lollipops made my day. Breighton and I sampled all the flavors. I would take a few licks and then swap to a new flavor! Mommy said she thinks I had 20 lollipops but really only ate one. At least it kept me busy.

We had umbrellas over us and lots of sunscreen on. Daddy gave me his hat for a while because I was starting to turn red. At least the weather was awesome.


When it came time for the launch a really nice lady let me stand on her cooler so I could see. I was amazed! It was SO cool to watch the shuttle go up!


This guy was not a real astronaut.


Zoom zoom zoom… off it goes!


The smoke trail.




I was so tired but managed the insanely long day. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me! 🙂

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