Zoo with Grandma Susie

We had a zoo-rific adventure with Grandma Susie out at Lowry Park Zoo. We showed her all around the park.

Every time we go we try to find something we haven’t seen before. Today we got swept up by a HUGE bat! haha


Grandma Susie rode the train with me! My hero!


I got soaked in the water fountains.


I loved every minute of it!


I wish Grandma Susie were down in Florida but we make it to Ohio often. We miss you!

Space Shuttle Launch

We had an extremely long day driving to, waiting for and watching the shuttle launch. Mommy tried to keep us busy. We visited a little museum but I just wanted to touch everything.


Lollipops made my day. Breighton and I sampled all the flavors. I would take a few licks and then swap to a new flavor! Mommy said she thinks I had 20 lollipops but really only ate one. At least it kept me busy.

We had umbrellas over us and lots of sunscreen on. Daddy gave me his hat for a while because I was starting to turn red. At least the weather was awesome.


When it came time for the launch a really nice lady let me stand on her cooler so I could see. I was amazed! It was SO cool to watch the shuttle go up!


This guy was not a real astronaut.


Zoom zoom zoom… off it goes!


The smoke trail.




I was so tired but managed the insanely long day. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me! 🙂

Nature Club at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

Grandma Susie is in town for a few days and we got to enjoy an entire day with her. We spent the morning at the seabird sanctuary.


I loved seeing all the birds! I was NOT a big fan of the bird poop. It was ALL over! But that is birds for you! I even got to get super close to an OWL! Hoo Hooo!


After the birds we hit the beach and I played in the sand with the big kids. A little tidal pool had formed and I loved splashing and digging in it.

We had popcorn shrimp at Crabby Bill’s for lunch and then went to 4H with Breighton. What a busy and fun day!

Lowry Park Zoo and Dino Quest

We went to the zoo with Zachary and Miss Lynn. We stopped in to check out Dino Quest. I was in the stroller and completely and utterly terrified for the first half of the walk.


Once we got to the life sized and moving dinosaurs I chilled out. This didn’t seem to bother me.


I got to control a dinosaur. I loved pressing the buttons.


Digging in the sand.


I always love the zoo and this was an extra special treat. We certainly are getting our use out of the passes Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie gave us for Christmas.