Edison Estate in Ft. Myers

I enjoyed chasing Breighton around and looking at all of the nature. The trees were really cool.



I was slightly terrified of the huge statue of Thomas Edison.


I kept running all around the museum and telling Mommy to take a picture of just about everything.


I especially liked this projector. It had a rainbow of colors and if you recall… Woofie likes rainbows!!


The sample desk was funny. I kept trying to reach all the fake wires.



When Breighton had his homeschool class I snuggled up with Mommy and Daddy and watched a few books on the iPad. I enjoyed watching the boats pass on the river and then seeing the wakes that came ashore a few minutes later. I was tuckered out and took a nap in the car on the way to get a treat. As soon as the car pulled into Dairy Queen my eyes shot open and I was wide awake looking for ice cream.

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