More Ohio Fun

We spent the morning out playing in the yard in the snow. Then after lunch and before dinner Mommy suggested the sled hill in the center of town. We jumped at the chance and got all geared up. We loaded Great Granny in the car and headed to town (a whopping mile from the house).

We slid and slid some more. There was no stopping us!


We took turns going solo and as a team. Breighton liked to go backwards.


Yet again, a happy boy!




We were so tuckered when we got home we inhalled dinner and read some library books and went to bed. The next day it was SUPER cold in the morning so we stayed in the house doing random crafts and playing games until it warmed up enough to go out and play in the snow.

We had Great Granny and Grandma Susie helping us color Shrinky Dinks.


Great Granny even stayed in the lines!


When lunch was over out we went! SNOW SNOW SNOW! Mommy kept telling us we needed to enjoy it while it lasted. We built a fort with windows made of ice blocks we found under the dryer vent.


Look, another happy boy!


Breighton and I played well together in the snow, most of the time!


I helped a bunch with Breighton’s ice fort.


We came in and got a warm bath and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. We did a lot of puzzles and played go fish and memory.


Snuggled up with my hero watching a movie.


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