Chilly Disney Vacation

We had a fun time at our annual trip to Disney to kick off the holidays. It was a bit on the FREEZING cold side! We enjoyed Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Since Mommy hurt her foot she got a pass so she didn’t have to stand in line too long. We used that pass and got onto a bunch of rides. I still like Small World the best. I was super tired when the parade came around.


Once the parade started I really perked up. I was all giggles and filled with excitement. I LOVE Winnie-the-Pooh, the gingerbread men and the dancing reindeer.


Chip and Dale threw a paper snowball at me! SUPER FUNNY!


I was so excited to see Santa at the end of the parade! 🙂 On the way back to the campground I fell asleep on the boat.


Daddy had to work the next day so he stayed behind while we went to Animal Kingdom. We used Mommy’s “handicap pass” for her foot to cut the lines. It was pretty empty anyway. I LOVED the safari ride. There were TONS of animals out. We went to dinner and the Candle Light Processional at EPCOT. Once again, I fell asleep! I am just NOT a night owl!

Daddy took some time off the next morning and we visited the huge gingerbread house and rode the monorail around for a while. Then we headed home to warm up a bit! 🙂


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