Dennis the Menace?? MAYBE!

The other night Mommy ran out to the mall 15 minutes before bedtime. Daddy just had to do with ensure out teeth were brushed and we were tucked in at bedtime. Daddy did a great job! In the morning he left for work early. When I woke up I came in to Mommy for morning snuggles. Mommy noticed I had a rash… wait…no… I colored my arms and feet!!! Somehow I managed, while Daddy was helping B brush his teeth, to sneak in and get a marker and color myself and then hide the evidence.




Then today I was rolling around on the floor while Mommy, Daddy and Breighton were finishing lunch. Mommy looked over because she had a feeling I was up to no good. Daddy stood up and looked at me. I was laying on the floor pretending to be ust playing but I was really hiding a nice big drawing I made with a dry erase marker all over the tile floor. Daddy asked what I was hiding and I responded with a resounding “NOTHING!” Thankfully it cleaned up quickly.

Mommy is convinced I am going to so these things even supervised! I am just trouble. Tonight I was coloring on a box and managed to accidentally color all over my chin, lips and cheeks!

Maybe Mommy and Daddy should lock up the markers!

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