Glazer Museum

I had a wonderful time at the homeschool field trip to the Glazer Museum. I found lots of things that I really liked to do. I think gardening was a top 10 item. I loved planting all the flowers and then pulling them all out again.


This HUGE water area was pretty amazing. There were boats, balls, water and wheels. What more could a two year old ask for?


Honestly, I am having fun! Breighton just stole my boat and I am a bit miffed at him.


In the 3 and under area I found this boat that had a ton of buttons to press. One button played the song “Row Row Row Your Boat” over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I would smack any hand that tried to push another button. If someone managed to get a button pushed I would immediately growl and push the “Row Row” button again. I danced and drove the boat from side to side in tune with the music. Mommy actually timed me and said I was in the boat for 32 minutes singing and dancing.


Afterwards we headed outside to run in Curtis Hickson Park. I had a fun time at the playground but I didn’t really like the fountains. The water sprayed too high for me and I got a bit overwhelmed by that. Either way I had a very fun day.

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