Mommy Time

Breighton was in camp all week and I got to spend 2.5 hours each day with Mommy and get ALL of the attention. I had to forgo my naps and that made me a bit (okay a LOT) cranky.

We did a lot of letterboxing in the St. Petersburg area. We even found a kid event at the local mall that wasn’t all that great but it helped us keep busy. I loved playing at the play area. Everything is “MY KING HOUSE”.


Mommy and I spent one day wandering at Treasure Island beach and playing on the playground in the sand. I even got the BIGGEST LOLLIPOP IN THE WORLD! It was a Tootsie-Pop but it was 2-3 times the size of a normal one! Very cool!

On Friday we planted our very first letterbox. We chose the Science Center of Pinellas.


there were TONS of Lubber Grasshoppers all over int he wooded area. I liked to run through and watch them all (roughly 100!) hop out of my way. I had to say hello to each and every one and then good-bye when we had to go pick-up Breighton.


There are three on that pile of sticks… they blend well… but I found them! ONE TWO THREE!


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