Adventures Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Enjoying a hike in the woods. I insisted on holding Breighton’s hand most of the trek.


I stomped my heart out and shouted loud while walking through the tunnel.


I was enthralled by the weaver.


I did NOT like my choice of drinks. YUCKIE!


Breighton shared the building blocks and let me build a tower!


I helped with this one as well.


Cleaning up the building trees! BOOM!


We went to the little river we always stop at. Mommy, Breighton and Grandma Jo went down first while I took a brief nap while Daddy supervised. These people were DIVING and jumping off of this huge cliff! MORONS! At least it explained why this tiny river was so packed today. There is a HUGE river on the other side of the tiny one!


I had fun walking in the water with Mommy. I needed my hand held the entire time. Once Mommy let me walk alone and I slipped and went face first into the water. Thank goodness no injury!


Daddy didn’t have the proper water type shoes on so he tiptoed over the higher rocks.


Checking out the fish that Mommy caught.


My tummy is still bugging me a bit. I am eating more but Mommy said I am using way too many diapers. Hopefully I will get less grumpy soon.

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