Just Call Me Crash

Tonight we went to the YMCA. I was timid about going in. Finally I got in the water and was having a silly time splashing Mommy and zipping through the water fountains. I went running through them and totally forgot to stop until i tripped and went head first into the side of the pool. I know, i know… been there done that a few weeks back! haha, that is why they call me Crash! Actually, Mommy and Daddy are shocked that I haven’t landed myself in the ER for a major boo-boo.

The lifeguard instantly appeared with an instant ice pack. I cried when it was on my head but Mommy said I had no choice… We needed to make sure it didn’t swell up. Luckily it didn’t puff up much and it isn’t visible as it is on the side of my head. Running forward and I hit the side of my head! That is genetic, at least Mommy said it runs on Daddy’s side of the family!

The lifeguards kept checking in on me and then the head lifeguard came over and asked Mommy a bunch of questions. She must have known the right answers because that was the end of that. 15 minutes later (after the mandatory YMCA lifeguard break) I was back in the pool… but no more running in the fountains. Mommy checked my eyes a few more times through out the evening and at bed. All clear. Not a bad bump. We shall see what it looks like in the morning!

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