Tarpon Springs Aquarium

Today we went to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium http://www.tarponspringsaquarium.com/ . I had a wonderful time looking at all the fish, snakes, and other sea creatures.

I really did like the ssssssssssssssssss-nake.


But I liked exploring even more!


I liked checking out the sharks and big fish in the tank. There was a window I could crouch down and look through.


But true to my form I had to look over the top. I found a way up to look in!


They have a little jumpy play area that is now included in your admission. Much to Mommy’s surprise I went ALL the way to the top of the climbing area with Breighton and his friend. Mommy did have to rescue me on the way down because I was afraid to climb down the bigger steps… I had gone up a different way.


The balls were really fun. I was pelting them at Breighton and Zachary. I have great aim!


I loved playing in the balls until Breighton fell on me and I cut my lip in 4 places on my own teeth.

I was super awesome at lunch and allowed Mommy yo have a stress free meal with BOTH kids! That rarely happens!      

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