Mean Mama

I am 100% right in the middle of my terrible twos! Tonight I looked right at Mommy after she took away a fork I was running with and said “MEAN MAMA”. I am really not sleeping well the last few days. I woke up around 5:20 this morning and called for Mommy. I told her I wanted to “hug in my bed” (which means to snuggle until I fall back to sleep). She obliged after a few puppy dog eye looks. I spent the next 1.5 hours poking her in the face, checking to see which finger fit best in each nostril, trying to pry her eyes open and kicking her in the stomach.

I am having horrible separation anxiety this week as well. Mommy went to pull the car into the garage after nap time today and I absolutely went into meltdown mode. Maybe a good nights sleep would fix all of this. But I do know that Mommy is NOT allowed to leave me, even for a second!!!

You would think that my tantrums should be getting less because I can communicate so well now but they are not! I am defiant and challenge everything Mommy and Daddy say. Daddy is researching military schools for me already!!!

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