Camping Camping… FUN FUN FUN

We had a fun time camping at Fort Wilderness this week.


I REFUSED to wear my shoes! In fact, I refused to wear my pants quite often. I was in a strange mood the entire trip. BUt I didn’t nap for about 4 days so I was running on ZERO go juice!


All I ate on the campout was milk, corn and bacon. My tummy was not my friend by the time we left.


Daddy and Mr. Jeff hanging out at the picnic table.


We went to a campfire and roasted marshmallows. We climbed on the bleachers while we waited for the show to start.


My hair was a total disaster after the pool, sunscreen and more sun screen. I was scared of the showers so Mommy didn’t push it too much. I just had weird hair for two days! 🙂


I really liked the marshmallow between the graham cracker thing. I kept waiting for more to fall in my mouth.


Being silly with Mommy.


I tried to hang with the big kids but got chased away again. Oh well, I went and snuggled with Mommy and Daddy.


We fed ducks.


I eventually took off my shoes (and pants) and chased them all around trying to pet them.


I caught one duck and let go really quick when it tried to nip at me.


I overcame a fear and actually rode a pony. I had a blast!!!


Holding tight for safety.


I was kind of sliding off the entire ride but managed to stay on.


Almost done! 🙂




We had fun in the splash area. It was really windy out and in the shade it got quite chilly.


We played a bit and then went home for cleanup and bed.


It was very hilly the second night (55F). Both nights I fell asleep in my own airbed but ended up in bed with Mommy shortly there after. The second night there was something in the bushes moving around. Mommy just laid in bed listening until the sound was right next to us. Suddenly, something was nudging the tent, right at my HEAD! Mommy shot up and grabbed the flashlight and found an armadillo. She chased it off to the bushes. I think it was trying to eat me. Daddy said I must have smelled like bugs.

Both mornings I slept in really late (8am and 8:30am) while everyone else was out playing. Mommy was shocked I could sleep through all the noise of kids and other things. I was EXHAUSTED!

I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back! 🙂

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