North Carolina Arboretum and My First Boat Ride

These may be the only shots of my feet touching the grounds today. I am still super grumpy. Mommy said I am cutting my bottom molars. I had a rough nights sleep again last night.

Anyway, we went to the NC Arboretum today and looked at flowers and went on a hike.


This is about the time I gave up walking. I made it just about to the top of the steps and cried for Mommy to pick me up!


Mommy and Daddy took turns on the over 2 mile hike carrying me. Daddy did a lot of the uphill parts. I really enjoyed the woods but I just did NOT want to put my feet on the ground.


After lunch in the car and then a frozen custard we came and got Grandma Jo and went out on a paddle boat. I was not even the slightest afraid. I am a natural boater! Mommy said the first time BReighton put on a life vest he screamed!!! I was cool with it.


Breighton and I got to sit up front. I liked looking at the water.


We went far out in the lake but I was not scared.


Mommy and Grandma Jo were exhausted. The boat was apparently not easy to paddle or steer. Daddy is luck he stayed on the shore!!


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